Usage & Flavour

Hurt Liqueur has been hand crafted to partner with all types of sparkling wine, whether your preference is Champagne, Cava, or Prosecco, and particularly well with English sparkling wines.

Hurt Liqueur also makes a mean pink gin!

This liqueur has been crafted with a drier profile, which allows the intense flavour of the berries to burst out. So much so, we don’t add any additional sweeteners, artificial flavourings or colours to it. Just a few extra botanicals that really help us showcase this fantastic berry.

Try Me With…
Hurt Liqueur has so many uses, it won’t stay in the cupboard for long!

- Try it with your favourite Sparkling Wines for our unique twist on the Royale cocktail.
- Make things interesting by adding a splash to your G&T for a Pink Gin with a ruby glow and a subtle fruity accent.
- An Ice cream sundae for the grown ups, pour over ice cream and enjoy as an after dinner treat.
- Straight up, with or without Ice, for an intensely fruity but drier drink.

How much Hurt Liqueur you add to your drink is up to you!
We find adding 5-10ml to a Sparkling Wine or Prosecco is the perfect blend.
For a Pink Gin, we recommend adding 5-15ml to your favourite Gin & Tonic depending on how pink you want to go!

Distillers Tasting Notes
"Mouth-watering and gland-tingling clotted-cream and mandarin-leaf on the nose, followed by a quenching triumvirate of Hurts, cranberry and blackcurrant. Cassis and black cherries on the front of the palate fading to scented cardamom and fresh black-pepper warmth with a citrus zest close. Gorgeously inviting to the next sip."

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