About The Hurtberry

Local to Surrey. Hurts are found abundantly in the beautiful Surrey Hills, and in particular the area surrounding the Hurtwood.

The berries cover large areas of hillside, and fruit throughout the summer months with intensely flavoured berries. Hurts are also found elsewhere in the UK, but with local names such as Whortleberry, Huckleberry, Hurtleberry and Trackleberry.

The Hurtberry has been eaten by local tribes to enhance their diet since Iron Age days. The summit of Holmbury Hill itself is dominated by an Iron Age hill fort surrounded by wild Hurts.

Hurts are part of the Vaccinium Myrtillus family of plants. Vaccinium from Latin bacca or berry. Hurts contain high levels of a class of nutrients called flavonoids, which are well known as antioxidant agents.

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