Origin of the word ‘Hurt’

No one knows exactly the origin of the name Hurt.

 There are three main theories; 

• Linked to the local stone ‘Churt’ which is found all over the greensand ridge.
• Derived from the Anglo-Saxon ‘Heortberrige’ which originates from the word ‘Heort’ or ‘Hart’, the ancient word for Deer, therefore roughly translating as Deer Berry.
• But our favourite theory stems from the Germanic tribes which settled the Hurtwood almost two millennia ago, leaving a major iron-age hill fort which is visible to this day. Hurt is linked to the Germanic word ‘hort’ or ‘horte’, from which derives the English word ‘Hoard’ or ‘Treasure’.
We believe that the Hurts are truly a treasure of the Surrey Hills.

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