"Hurtberry Ice-Cream Sundae"

Try this... "Hurtberry Ice-Cream Sundae"

Looking for something a little different to a cocktail? Try drizzling Hurt Liqueur over ice-cream for an after dinner treat for the adults in the house! This is a great option for an easy dessert for a dinner party.


  • Hurt Liqueur
  • Vanilla Ice-Cream
  • Optional toppings: Whipped cream, blackberries, sprinkles, wafers. 

How to Make:

- Scoop your vanilla ice-cream into a bowl or glass.

- Drizzle over as much Hurt Liqueur as you would like. 

- Top your sundae with your favourite toppings - we like whipped cream, blackberries, sprinkles, or wafers. (Use some or all of these ... we won't tell!)


Have you made a Hurtberry Ice-Cream Sundae? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a comment below and share the recipe with your friends!

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