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Check out @oli__drinks and his Hurt Liqueur Vodka Fizz!
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Congratulations @hurtliqueur on the launch today! It’s a really unique and quality product that is so versatile and refreshing.
Hurt Liqueur is crafted in the Surrey Hills and uses Hurtberry as its main ingredient. It’s designed with no artificial flavours or added sugars, just the beautiful Hurtberry and a few botanicals.
Who’s tried a Hurtberry before? It’s similar to a blueberry but has a stronger flavour profile 😋
The guys have crafted this liqueur as an accompaniment to sparkling wines and gin, but I think it’s a great counter part to vodka also. It’s so refreshing, sweet and it lends a good vodka that increased depth and flavour profile 🙂
This is my:
Hurtberry Fizz
1.25 oz Hurtberry Liqueur @hurtliqueur
1 oz Honey infused @blackcowvodka
A Squeeze of Fresh Lemon Juice
Stirred with plenty of love over a large ice cube and topped with slimline tonic water @fevertreemixers 😋😋

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